Introducing Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

PortSwigger wants its users to succeed - so we'd like to assist you in your journey. Please feel free to use the following document as a basis to introduce Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to stakeholders in your organization.

Dear [CISO / CTO / Director / Procurement Team],

I recommend that we buy a Burp Suite Enterprise Edition license.

The product is an automated web vulnerability scanner that will enhance our current web security capability (help secure us from being hacked) and offers us a number of benefits:

Save costs.

Accelerate software development.

Reduce risk and catch critical bugs before code gets shipped.

Why have we chosen Burp Suite Enterprise Edition? Who is PortSwigger?

PortSwigger is the web security company behind Burp Suite Professional, which our AppSec team and penetration testing service providers rely on for manual application security testing. We trust the results we get from the Burp Suite scanning engine.

They have 50,000+ paying users at over 13,000 organizations making them the clear leader in dynamic scanning. The Enterprise Edition product (launched in 2018) is used by customers including Cisco, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, PayPal and NASA.

As a next step, I will send through a quotation from PortSwigger and set up a time to further discuss this opportunity. Please let me know if you have any questions.



[Job title]

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