When you're tired of learning you're tired of life

Gaining new skills is a key part of what makes our work fun and motivating. Most of our learning happens organically on the job: playing with new technologies, solving new problems, and collaborating with skilled colleagues.

PortSwigger learning

We're pretty much allergic to the kind of manufactured classroom training that many organizations reach for to tick the "learning and development" box. Bored presenters reading off slides; bored attendees checking their phones - these events sap everyone's morale and don't achieve very much.

Our people go to conferences (as an attendee, a speaker, or even as an organizer). They work to gain relevant certifications. They set aside time for self-study. We have a "buy any book" policy.

We provide focused, dedicated support for new graduates and other less experienced joiners. We assign a development mentor, construct a tailored learning plan based on their needs and aspirations, and work with them to actively support their development. This arrangement can continue as long as it is worthwhile and the individual wishes.