PortSwigginars - the PortSwigger take on a webinar - are regular drop-in sessions held by our team of Burp Suite Advocates and Tech Support Engineers.

Upcoming PortSwigginars


Time: 4:30pm UK, 11:30am EST.

Date: May 3, 2023.

Hosts: Alex S, Adam A.


Join Adam and Alex on May 3 to discover Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's newest features, discuss the upcoming feature developments on the product roadmap, and get your queries answered in a live Q&A session with Burp Suite's technical team.

What's new:

  • Pay as you scan (PAYS): a new subscription option that allows you to scan your applications, however frequently you choose, charged per every scan hour.
  • Unlimited: a subscription model aimed at larger organizations, and those running DevSecOps scanning, featuring unlimited concurrent scans, applications, and users.

Coming soon in Burp Suite Enterprise Edition:

  • Site scope changes and query parameter support.
  • AMI deployment.
  • Ability to set headers and cookies at the site level.

Roadmap review, focused on:

  • The option to add connection options to the site configuration.
  • BChecks - providing the ability to add your own checks to Burp Scanner via a simple text-based scripting language. Users will also be able to share their BChecks with the wider Burp community.
  • Enabling the addition of comments on false positives, alongside auditing of user action.

Plus: Live Q&A session with Burp Suite's technical team.


Time: 4pm UK, 11am EST.

Date: June 28, 2023.

Topic: To be confirmed.


Time: 4pm UK, 11am EST.

Date: To be confirmed.

Topic: To be confirmed.

Previous PortSwigginars

March 29

Hosts: Alex B, Dave P, and Tom L.


  • Best practices for getting more from Burp Scanner when pentesting.
  • What's going on under the hood when Burp Scanner is running.
  • The benefits of the broader Burp Scanner ecosystem.
  • A world-first preview of new functionality coming soon to Burp Suite Professional.

February 22

Hosts: Adam A and Alex S.


  • Burp Suite Enterprise Edition product demo.
  • Overview of new capabilities i.e. scanning, integrations, deployment.
  • New pricing options (coming in March 23).
  • 2023 product roadmap - what's next?

December 14

Hosts: Adam A and Alex S.


  • Guidance for deployment and configuration of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.
  • Best practice for scanning including running authenticated scans, scan configurations, and CI driven scans.
  • Burp Suite Enterprise Edition outputs - reporting, dashboards, and issue tracking integration.
  • Ask our technical support team any onboarding questions you may have during the session.

November 23

Hosts: Sophie, Maia, Rik.


  • Software developer Rik T covers how our network service, Burp Collaborator, allows Burp Suite users to discover many kinds of vulnerabilities and enables OAST.
  • Demo of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition including deployment options, CI/CD integration, and improved scanning with preset scan configurations.
  • Enterprise advocates help you to understand our unique licensing model, and how to use Burp Suite Professional and Burp Suite Enterprise Edition together.

October 19

Hosts: Hannah and Alex S.


  • How PortSwigger customers use both Burp Suite Professional and Burp Suite Enterprise Edition as a complimentary product set.
  • How our products are licensed.
  • A demo of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition including deployment options and CI/CD integration.

September 28

Hosts: Alex B, Alex S, and Adam.

July 13

Hosts: Alex and Sophie.

July 7

Hosts: Adam and Alex.

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