Target scope

  • Last updated: July 6, 2023

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You can use the target scope to tell Burp Suite which hosts and URLs are the target for your current work. It also enables you to exclude targets that you aren't interested in, or that you don't have permission to attack.

You can configure the target scope in order to change the behavior of tools throughout Burp. For example:

To access the target scope:

  1. Click on Settings to open the Settings dialog.
  2. Go to Project > Scope.
  3. View the Include in scope and Exclude from scope lists under Target scope. These define the scope.

To add a URL to the target scope, select an item from the site map, right-click and select Add to scope. You can also add URLs directly to the target scope lists in the Settings dialog. For more information, see Scope settings and URL matching rules.

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