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Who uses Burp Suite Enterprise Edition?

With Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's support, our customers are seeing a wealth of benefits. They're saving on pentesting costs, freeing up their AppSec team's time, and helping software development teams to ship high-quality code, quicker than ever before.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition builds on the success of Burp Suite Professional. Its feature set is tailored to support enterprise-level organizations. Where Burp Suite Professional focuses on an individual user, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition supports automation, scanning at scale, and reduction of risk across your full application portfolio.

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Working with Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Here are three stories highlighting the different ways Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is being used to help our customers secure their web estates.

  • An application security manager better serves engineering while automating compliance reporting


    A lead AppSec engineer at a cloud-based software company - with over 2,000 employees and 16 offices globally - needs to scale the organization's web application scanning across a growing portfolio. The AppSec manager needs to free up the team's time in order to better serve software development teams, while efficiently delivering vulnerability reporting to customers and auditors.


    The solution needs to allow them to perform recurring scans across the organization's growing web portfolio. This will help them to catch any critical vulnerabilities, before they reach production environments. With so many customers globally, automated scanning is vital to the company's efforts to support their fast-growing global customer base.


    Products used: Burp Suite Professional, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

    Proposed concurrent scan limit: 35.

    Products and Features

    The customer found that Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's reporting features enabled them to automate customer compliance processes. Thanks to automation provided by Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, the AppSec team was able to use their time to focus on more complex vulnerabilities and thus better serve their customers.

    Additionally, they loved the Web Security Academy, as it enabled them to more effectively bring software development team training in-house and led to increased production of high quality secure code.

  • The group head of application security drives the shift toward DevSecOps


    The Group Head of Application Security, at a global organization with over 15 million customers and 3,500 employees, seeks to innovate how the company delivers application security. Their remit is to accelerate software development processes across ten divisions and over 50 engineering teams, by driving the adoption of DevSecOps.


    The solution needs to allow global deployment of dynamic scanning across their CI/CD pipelines. In order to drive effective and agile communications between various teams, they also need to integrate with a variety of bug tracking and central vulnerability management systems.


    Products used: Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

    Proposed concurrent scan limit: 65.

    Products and Features

    The organization found that Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's out-of-the-box integration with extensive CI platform plugins, including native Jira integration, enabled them to effectively drive DevSecOps maturity throughout their CI/CD pipelines. Coupled with a rich API, the product allowed for streamline and agile communications between development, production, and shipping environments.

    Burp Suite's proven scanning engine made Burp Suite Enterprise Edition a natural choice for the organization, as their AppSec teams were long-term users of the technology. The product's ability to integrate into a wide variety of CI platforms, including Bamboo and TeamCity, made it possible to serve a wide range of internal customers.

  • A CISO seizes the opportunity to reduce risk across a business division portfolio


    The Chief Information Security Officer at a publicly traded organization with over 80 business divisions and 2,400 employees, needs to mitigate cyber risk across the whole organization. Their challenge is to ensure compliance, and modernize the company's approach to application security. In order to maximize ROI, the ideal solution would negate the requirement for them to expend additional resource building AppSec teams across the business.


    The solution needs to allow the organization to perform monthly scans across their entire web application portfolio. They also need to provide tooling solutions for all 80 of their business divisions, to seamlessly integrate scanning into their development processes, as and when each division is ready for this crucial stage.


    Products used: Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

    Proposed concurrent scan limit: 120.

    Products and Features

    The organization found that Burp Suite Enterprise Edition enabled them to schedule and perform recurring scans, at timescales that suited each division of the organization. The scalable scanning model allowed them to increase their number of concurrent scans, as and when each business division was ready to adopt the solution.

    The ability to natively integrate with multiple Jira boards allowed efficient communication to develop between each division of the organization. Additionally, role-based access control (RBAC) enabled enhanced internal security measures to be applied.

The right fit for your enterprise

With a shift toward greater security maturity being embraced by more and more organizations, the requirement for a scalable scanning solution to match is heightened. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's proven scanning technology, and enterprise-focused feature set, makes it an innovative solution. Our customers found that adopting Burp Suite Enterprise Edition enabled them to reduce risk, increase security maturity, and scan at scale.

Whether you're looking to secure your whole web portfolio, catch critical bugs before code gets shipped, or unleash AppSec's expertise to supercharge engineering, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition has you covered.

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