Extensions for Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

  • Last updated: July 3, 2023

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You can add extensions to Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to implement custom scan behaviors and capabilities. For example, you can create and add your own custom scan checks.

There are two different types of extension:

  • BApp extensions - BApp extensions, or "BApps" for short, are community-written extensions that we have reviewed against a set of quality guidelines. You can download all approved BApps for free from our BApp Store. Note that not all BApps are compatible with Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

  • Custom extensions - Custom extensions are any extensions that you have not downloaded from the BApp Store.

You manage extensions by adding them to your extension library. Users can then apply extensions from the library on a site-by-site basis so that they are used during scans.

Extension library

The extension library is a collection of all extensions that you have made available to your users. To access the extension library, from the settings menu , select Extensions.

The library is split into two tabs, one for managing BApps and another for managing your custom extensions. From here, you can:

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