Integrating with CI/CD platforms

  • Last updated: July 3, 2023

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You can use Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to run CI-driven scans on your CI/CD platform. We also have documents for our legacy solution that used plugins.

CI-driven scans

CI-driven scans enable you to run Burp Scanner from a Docker container in your CI/CD environment. This is the easiest way to integrate Burp Suite Enterprise Edition with your CI/CD platform. It supports most platforms, including Jenkins, TeamCity, and GitHub Actions.

For more information, see CI-driven scans.

CI/CD plugins (legacy)

Our legacy solution was to provide plugins for both Jenkins and TeamCity. We still provide documentation for these plugins for now, to support existing users. This method triggers a scan to run in the Burp Suite Enterprise Edition environment. This is more complex to set up.

For more information, see Using plugins for CI/CD platform integration.

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