What does PortSwigger do?

We work a wide range of interesting and exciting things.

What does PortSwigger culture look like?

Publicly, we're always busy on our software products, our original research, our educational output (through the Web Security Academy), and the latest cybersecurity news (through the Daily Swig). Behind the scenes, we're also engaged in numerous initiatives to better support our customers and our own people, to help build and grow our business for the future.

We break down our strategic activities into five key areas:

Below is an example of our strategic initiatives at a point in time. This is permanently work-in-progress and steadily evolving.

Unlike most businesses, we don't view financial goals as representing our ultimate objectives or measures of success. Instead, we take a cyclical view of the different areas of strategic focus:

1. We want to build better products.

2. So, we'll need more people.

3. So, we'll need more money, to pay them.

4. So, we'll need more customers and more influence in the market.

5. So, we'll need to build better products.

what does the PortSwigger culture look like

We do set ambitious goals for our financial growth, but we view those in context alongside all of the other ambitious goals that drive the above cycle.

Our planned growth is a means to an end, and we won't pursue it unconditionally. If growing threatens any of our core motivations, then we'll stop growing.